The Warmest Place of All

  • In The Warmest Place of All, little Sophie comes in from a day of fun in the snow. Her snowwoman is finished and she's taken off her wet socks and snow pants, but she just can't get warm. Mama tells her that the kitchen is the warmest place, and readers will agree that the kitchen with its honey-colored walls, bubbling pots, and steaming hot cocoa, looks very warm indeed. But Sophie still can't feel her toes. She gets in a warm bath with bubbles that cover the page, but the family dog opens the door and lets in a draft. Sophie and Mama go in search of the warmest place.

    Sophie snuggles with blankets and cuddles with her huge dog, and finally finds that the warmest place of all is between her Mama and Daddy in their bed across the hall.

    "The sweet story, smiling characters, and cozy illustrations will make grown-ups and little ones want to snuggle up as they read this one together." - ForeWord Magazine 10/21/2009

    Written by Licia Rando
    Published by Pleasant St.Press, Fall 2009
    ISBN: 978-0-9792035-8-9
    32 full color pages, ages 3-8
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